Courses taught by professor Huppert

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

this is an introduction to CBT course for MA clinical students. it will provide the basis for understanding what CBT is, what the underlying theories are, and when it can be used. In addition, basic techniques will be learned.

The course objectives are: 1) Study of classic and contemporary works on the subject of CBT. 2) the acquisition of CBT tools that can be used in CBT or integrated 3) present practicum cases to discuss their suitability for the treatment of CBT or integrative treatment


Psychotherapy Research: Processes & Outcomes

This is a required course for clinical students in which they will learn about the theoretical and practical issues related to research in psychotherapy. The emphasis is on empirical evaluation of processes and outcomes.

In this course there are three interrelated objectives: 1) to provide an understanding of the basic concepts and controversies related to psychotherapy research (eg, knowledge of the history of this study and the methodological issues related to such work). 2) to assist in developing the ability of critical reading articles about psychotherapy, with the goal of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a given article. 3) provide tools to help test the clinical utility of an article for a specific client


Treatment in the Charedi Community

In this course, we will discuss various issues, conflicts, or dilemmas that arise when addressing mental health issues in the charedi/ultra-orthodox community. Given the uniqueness of the community, and the variabilty within it, there are many issues that arise. Topics include: manifestations of psychopathology in the charedi community, how to adapt various forms of treatment, how to deal with issues of language, coping with abuse and disclosure, medications and shidduchim, sexuality, and other issues that come up in the course of treatment. 


Research Seminar - Psychotherapy Processes & Outcomes: CBT for Panic Disorded

In this course, students in clinical psychology will conduct a single case study on the treatment of panic disorder. This will be a systematic study, from hypothesis generation, design/measure selection, to treatment and data collection, analysis and write up.


Filed Work: Studying Anxiety Disorders

This is an experiential course where students will be involved in all aspects of research on the nature of anxiety and potentially also on its treatment. Students will read current articles that come out during the year, attend lab meetings, recruit and run subjects for experiments, develop their own research question related to projects in the lab, and conduct a study of their own, including writing it up for the avodah seminaryonit.